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C. Terrell Wheat Presents


The Innovative Prayer Leader Conference

Coming October 2024

Chicagoland IL



The Innovative Prayer Leader Conference

Who pours into the one that is always pouring? Who uplifts the visionary tirelessly advancing God's kingdom? The Innovative Prayer Leader Conference is the sanctuary for such leaders. It's a space to commune, be revived, and discover innovative strategies for your divine mission. God's mandate for me has always been clear: restore the body of Christ to prayer. This journey has equipped countless believers to become pioneers in prayer leadership, organize impactful gatherings, and empower churches to highlight prayer as a foundational pillar.


Join me as I look to make this a transformative experience where prayer becomes a catalyst for revival and divine encounters. With God at the helm, I know that this conference is where iron will sharpen iron— and where leaders will share, learn, and grow together.

This conference is your call to action. It's where your leadership meets innovation in prayer, equipping you with strategies that will advance your assignment and the Kingdom! See you there.

- C. Terrell Wheat

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A Look Back


Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded prayer leaders, delve

into the power of prayer, and be equipped to amplify the
impact of prayer!

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